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Without any special equipment, the traditional Finnish dairy product viili is surprisingly easy to prepare at home.

A traditional Finnish speciality of Swedish origin, curd milk is a cultured milk product with a thick and viscous consistency and a mild, fresh flavour. It is made similar to other fermented milk products, like kefir and Caspian Sea yogurt, by curdling milk with special starter bacteria.

The milk used can be any type, including soy milk. Unhomogenized milk will have a cream layer on top upon which a mould called Geotrichum candidum grows a thin, velvety surface. This is very prized as it is also called the 'Flowers of Kefir' that also develops on kefir ferments.

If stirred, viili becomes very ropy. Viili is generally used fresh and chilled, usually for breakfast or as a snack. It may be eaten plain or sprinkled with various flavorings, from sugar, cinnamon, honey, powdered ginger or other spices to fresh fruit or berries, jams, nuts, muesli or the traditional talkkuna flour, a mixture of half-cooked, dried and powdered grains (barley, oats, peas and/or beans).

You will receive a dried starter on 100% organic cotton in a glass mason pint sized jar. Simply add one cup of boiled and cooled milk to the jar and you have your seed starter for Viili. Ferment for 24 hours. With proper care, it will last indefinitely.

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