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Piima Starter Culture


Piima Culture

(pronounced Pee’ma)

 A Scandinavian Culture-this culture originated when it was noticed that cows who had grazed upon a northern European wild herb called Butterwort at the peak of its growth, milk would clabber at room temperature. It was then carefully cultured from this starter and fresh starter taken from each batch. Piima is similar to buttermilk acidophilus and kefir.

Fermentation and culturing were among the early methods used to preserve and make more digestible the available foodstuffs. These methods were particularly used by nomadic peoples to transport their foods long distances without modern preservation and additive techniques.

We make cultured cream, butter and buttermilk as well as a feta style cheese using this culture. We love the flavor and the resiliency of this culture!! Our Piima is fed organic raw cream from a local farm. 

We will send you freshly dried cultured cream for a starter and instructions. You will receive a jar for making your initial seed starter. This culture can last for years if properly cared for!!! 



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