One Gallon Glass Bottle w/ Coned & Lined Cap kombucha bottling jar jug amber bottle [] - $29.99 : Fruit of the Vine Naturally!, Kombucha and Kefir cultures and All natural bath and body products for the whole family.

One Gallon Glass Bottle w/ Coned & Lined Cap


What home brew would be complete without the perfect jug? 

With our exclusive Continuous Brew System, you are able to harvest your kombucha almost at will.  Use these jugs to store your harvested kombucha and to add flavoring separate from your CBS.

We have 4 going with various flavorings, including grape, guava, mango and lemon.  With these jugs, you no longer have to worry about contaminating your mother culture.

This  1 Gallon Amber Glass Jug is offered with a black  cone lined cap. The black cone lined caps help to create a seal helping to prevent leakage of your brew. These jugs could be useful for housing many products, such as maple syrups, water, and your home brews!

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