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Rejuvelac Starter Kit


Dr. Ann Wigmore, in The Blending Book, states, "Rejuvelac is a slightly fermented wheatberry drink that is one of the most important items in the living foods lifestyle".

She further states, "Rejuvelac plays a vital role in restoring health. Rejuvelac contains all the nutritional nourishment of wheat and is more easily digested. It contains the friendly bacteria that are necessary for a healthy colon and to remove toxins. It is also filled with B complex vitamins and vitamins C and E".

In her book "Hippocrates Live Food Program" Dr. Ann quotes food chemist Harvey Lisle, who did extensive research on Rejuvelac's contents, "Rejuvelac is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, dextrins, phosphates, saccharin, lactobacilli, and aspergillus oryzae. Amylases are enzymes derived from aspergillus oryzae which have the faculty of breaking down large molecules of glucose, starch, and glycogens". Dr. Ann also states that Rejuvelac replaces water on the live foods program.

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This kit will get you started and you only need to replace the grain of choice. You can make Rejuvelac from any cereal grains, including barley, oats, rye, wheat, un-hulled millet, brown rice [any whole grain rice], and raw un-hulled buckwheat. For the best quality rejuvelac, make sure you only use fresh organically grown grains. Also keep everything clean! If using tap water make sure to boil it for 3-5 minutes, then cooled before use. Also your rejuvelac making container should be sterilized with boiling water. Then you're ready for the first step.... Dr. Ann says, "Good Rejuvelac is a cloudy, slightly yellow liquid, with a tart, lemonade flavor. When it is fermented too long it can become very sour. Since it is constantly fermenting, it is natural that tiny bubbles rise through the liquid occasionally. The very best Rejuvelac is in fact slightly carbonated. It is also natural for a layer of white foam to form on top of the Rejuvelac. This is not harmful and can be used. Rejuvelac can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days to a week, as long as the taste is still agreeable to you. Drink Rejuvelac before or between meals to avoid diluting the digestive juices after a meal".

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