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For several years now FOTVN has offered cultures on eBay by way of kefir, kombucha SCOBY, water kefir, and more recently, Caspian Sea Yogurt, viili. In this time, we have tried and tested many combinations of teas that would afford us the highest quality and best taste in kombucha tea.

After much deliberation, we have selected a blend of black and green teas to bring the best out of your Kombucha tea. Here at FOTVN, we use only the best organic, non-irradiated Darjeeling tea. Combined with the anti-oxidant qualities of a fine Sencha, Orange Pekote, a hint of a Jasmine and Ceylon all marry to make the ultimate brew.

With this, we give you the


Shipped direct to your door will be one quarter pound of this time tested blend. Great for kombucha, iced tea, and warm steeped.

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