HALF GALLON GLASS BALL JAR WIDE MOUTH FOTVN - HALF GALLON GLASS BALL JAR WIDE MOUTH [] - $15.99 : Fruit of the Vine Naturally!, Kombucha and Kefir cultures and All natural bath and body products for the whole family.



For the perfect brew, you will need glass jars. Never use plastics or metals for fermenting purposes.

Both metal and plastics will leach harmful chemicals into your ferments.

These particular jars are a bit more difficult to locate than the smaller quart Ball jars and this is why we are offering them here at FOTVN.

These are the exact same jars offered in all of the Complete Starter Kits. They have the special coated lids so that the metal disk doesn't contact your brew.

Many find these jars to be more convenient and easier to fit in the fridge than the larger capacity jars. Get one or a case. You will find many uses for these very versatile jars.

Be sure to check out our blog at www.fotvn.info to share with others who are using the same cultures that you will be getting.

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