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CASPIAN SEA YOGURT *Organically Grown


Matsoni (pronounced madzoon) is fermented milk from the Georgian Republic of Russia. It is a smooth and creamy pourable yogurt with a mild slightly sweet savor. It is at its best when made with half and half and served over fresh fruit.

In Japan where it is erroneously called Caspian Sea Yogurt, it is poured over cakes, salads, and fresh fruits and is relished sweetened with a little honey. Because matsoni yogurt requires low temperatures for preparation, it is ideal for making homemade yogurt. This fact also makes it a favorite with Raw Food-ist who consume only live food. It is made on the kitchen counter at room temperature exactly like kefir.

We supply dried yogurt starter cultures, sufficient to make an initial 2 cups of seed yogurt mailed in a glass, pint sized Mason jar. You will be able to keep the seed in this jar and always have backup culture. It comes with full instructions.

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