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About Us

From our happy home to yours...

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about us and our passion.


For some time now, our desire has been to bring an affordable, quality product to the skin care community. We felt that quality skin care should not be exclusive to those who could 'afford' to look good and treat themselves well. Finally, after over a decade of research, we have developed recipes for skin care; cleansers, lotions, butters and scrubs, that treat the skin well and have no unnatural ingredients.
An all natural approach to personal skin care helps to improve our skin quality and condition while adding topical nutrients for a healthier you. Moreover, we offer body sprays and lip balms that have no artificial additives to irritate the skin.
We have recently added a full line of all natural home deodorizers that include clean burning soy tart and tart warmers, water crystal room fresheners, potpourri and room sprays all made from natural essential and fragrance oils.
All of this, for a reasonable and responsible price for our customers.

I offer you a challenge.

Try our products for 30 days. If you do not notice a difference in your skin after using them, send them back. We will refund your money for the unused portion. GUARANTEED! That is how sure we are that store bought, mass produced, cleansers that strip the natural oils in the skin are not in the same league as our products. FOTVN and all of our skin care and pro-biotic line of products don't treat the symptoms of dry skin, and other skin ailments, they address the problems at the root and help you to resolve them.

What is pro-biotic?

Pro- for, supporting, affirmative, positive
Bio[tic]- life

FOTVN has proudly offered cultures on eBay for over a decade. We soon determined that the root of most problems, including skin ailments, could be found in the inner workings of the digestive system. Upon learning this, we immediately expanded our operation to include Milk Kefir, Water Kefir, Kombucha SCOBY, Caspian Sea Yogurt, Viili, and Ginger Beer Plant. All of these wonderful living, pro-biotic starters have a vast array of benefits and are a large part of our internal health.

In addition to our full product line, we also have gift sets and gift certificates for that special someone in your life. We mail our gift certificate with a brochure and beautifully packaged with a very impressive presentation. This allows the recipient to come to the website and place an order of their choosing. 

If you ever need anything, or have any questions at all,  we are only a click away.


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